• Calling All Teen Girls

    Looking for something to do this winter?  Check out Club Glam!  More program information is in our newsletter.  Don't forget your teen membership is FREE!
  • Winter Weather Info!

    The Boys & Girls Club follows school district schedules for inclement weather closings.  If the schools are closed, the Boys & Girls Club is closed.  If school is dismissed early due to the weather, the Boys & Girls Club will close early or may elect to not open.  
  • Memberships Expire December 31st!

    All 2014 Memberships expire December 31, 2014!  ALL members are required to renew their membership by January 1, 2015.  Any child without a valid membership will not be permitted to attend the Club.  A current membership is necessary to participate in ALL programs.

    Hey Teens!  Are you looking for a place to hang out after school?  The Club is opening its doors to all teens FOR FREE!  That's right, we now offer FREE TEEN memberships at both our locations.  Stop by and sign up today for your FREE TEEN membership and don't forget to check out our upcoming programs and events!  Come be a part of our FREE TEEN movement!  (Please note: this does not include a weight room membership)
  • Like to Spend Time With Your Friends?

    See what's happening at the Boys & Girls Club!  All teens receive free memberships for 2015!
  • The Playful Chef

    North Penn Valley 1st Graders had a special visit from Angie Heron, Proud Mommy and Happy Owner of The Playful Chef!  During her visit she made veggie pitas with our kids!  Looks like everyone had a great time!! 
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