2015 PA Youth of the Year Juliette Shipp

Congratulations Juliette on being selected Pennsylvania’s 2015 Youth of the Year!


The North Penn Valley Boys & Girls Club has had a profound impact on Juliette. As a child of a single parent, Juliette had to spend many hours at the Club while her mother worked. The Club became Juliette’s second home and the staff became her family. She was able to find stability and support during these critical years within the walls of the Club. When Juliette was 9 years old, a shark attacked her. When she returned to the Club, she had to deal with both the emotional trauma and physical scars left behind. As a young girl who was also dealing with self-esteem issues, this became a very difficult time. Her peers in school often bullied her and made fun of the scars left on her leg.

At the Club, however, Juliette learned to embrace this experience and the marks that were left behind. Rather than scars, the staff encouraged Juliette to views these as reminders of her resilience and spirit. Over the years, Juliette has continued to view the Club as her safe haven, a place where she can be herself and motivate others to do the same.

Juliette states, “The Boys & Girls Club has been the single most important influence in my life. The Club is where I discovered who am and developed my talents within. The positive role models I found at the Club were invaluable in developing my character and creating an individual who not only respects herself but also demands respect from others. Having a safe, fun, and stable place to go everyday was so incredibly beneficial to me. The Club is my family, my home, and my safe haven.”