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Nov 07 2022

Thanks to Bergey’s Auto Dealers and the Auto Dealers CARing for Kid Foundation our Wissahickon Valley Club was the recipient of warm, colorful winter coats! Each club member picked out a new winter coat to keep them warm this winter. We can’t thank the CARing for Kids Foundation enough for helping prepare our members for the winter weather year after year!

Thank You, Ambler!

Apr 23 2020

Through all of the unknowns and drastic changes that we are collectively experiencing right now, it is important for us to show our families that we are still here! Thanks to the tremendously generous Ambler community, Wissahickon Valley has been able to provide access to food to each of our 51 families! For the first two weeks of the shutdown, we worked hard to pack Grab n’ Go lunches for our members. We then felt it would be more beneficial (and safer for all) to provide gift cards to Giant! We have been able to mail 3 rounds of gift cards to each of our families which ensures at least some access to food. We are so incredibly grateful for those of you who have donated and made it possible for us to continue to support our families! As we navigate these tumultuous times, we appreciate any support that helps us help our families! THANK YOU!

International Night!

Mar 10 2020
Daira, representing Mexico

On Wednesday, February 5th, Wissahickon Valley hosted our first annual International Night! This event showcased Mexican and Italian cultures, in particular. Our building was quickly transformed into an international oasis; boasting homemade delicacies such as ensalada de manzana, tamales, mole, arroz y pollo and gelatina from Mexico and risotto and pizzelles hailing from Italy. With over 10 families participating, we were able to fill our minds – and our bellies – with authentic cuisine and culture! We are so proud of the cultures represented at Wissahickon Valley and cannot wait to see what else we can learn from our families next year! Thank you to all who participated in this event!

2019 Lights on After School

Oct 01 2019

The Wissahickon Valley Boys & Girls Club would like to thank all the Club members, families, friends, and school teachers that joined us during Lights on After School event! This is one of our favorite evenings because it serves to celebrates after school programs that keep students safe and engaged while supporting working parents. We were so happy to be able to spend our night with our Club families and friends!

Thanks to AAA Catering, over 190 of our families and friends were able to fill their bellies with a yummy Italian style dinner! 

What a great way to kick off our 2019/2020 school year! We are looking forward to all the fun times, laughs, and learning that make our Club the best!

Ms. Chidera Brings S.T.E.AM. to WV

Jun 03 2019

Our Wissahickon High School senior, Ms. Chidera, was able to bring her Wissahickon Valley Public Library S.T.E.AM. program to our organization. In this club our kids were able to extract DNA from a strawberry, learn about the viscosity of slime and understand how density can effect certain liquids!

Ms. Chidera and her S.T.E.A.Mers.

Not only were the kids able to put their left and right side of their brains to use but they were also able to have fun! Next year we will miss her but we wish her the best of luck during her college career at the University of Pittsburgh! Thanks Ms. Chidera!

A student extracting DNA.