Battle of the Hogs



Welcome to Battle of the Hogs a competition for all high schools in the Delaware Valley. This strength and endurance competition is for the guys in the trenches who never get the credit they deserve, the offensive line! We have put together a number of tough, physical events to test the strength, speed, and fortitude of each team of four.

Do you have what it takes to be a HOG?
It’s a rare individual who actually takes pride in being a hog. A hog is the type of lineman who does whatever it takes to protect his quarterback, help his running back gain that extra inch, and above all else win! The hog revels in the idea of being able to hit someone every snap. The hog leaves each game covered in cuts and bruises. These reminders let him know just how hard he played and give him the sense of a job well done. Hogs are the sort of “no excuse,” “no nonsense” type of men who are able to carry the whole team on their shoulders to victory. The hog may never talk to reporters, never score a touchdown, in fact he may go through his whole career without even touching a football, but a hog will do whatever it takes to see that check in the W column.



The Tug O’ War will be a Separate Event

Tug o’ War will be scored separately and there will be trophies given out to the first place team ONLY! The Tug o’ war: This will be a 4 on 4 event. Members will compete in a single elimination tug o’ war battle. Cleats and gloves may be worn for this event. The Tug O’ War will have no impact on the overall winner of the competition. Proceeds from this event will go to the North Penn Valley Boys & Girls Club “The Positive Place for Kids.”



When: June 9, 2018
Where: Lansdale Catholic football field
Eligibility: If you are a senior this year, you ARE NOT ELIGIBLE!
Time: 7:30 AM registration. Coaches meeting 7:45 AM. Start time 8:00 AM
Fee: $25 per person, $100 per team

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First Place: Whitehall High School
Second Place: Perk Valley High School
Third Place: Pennridge High School
Tug of War: Pennridge High School

Bench Press:



What should you bring?
Gatorade, water and snack. You may pack a lunch and additional food & drinks will be sold by the Lansdale Catholic Parents Organization

1. Team Dumbbell Relay: A team of 4 will need to compete in a (Farmers Walk style) relay race. This event is timed.
2. Team Bench Press: With 185 lbs. each member will do as many reps as he can. We will total the 4 member team reps. In case of a tie in the team rankings for placing, one member from each team will compete in a lift off for reps at 225 lbs.
3. Team Bus Push: The 4 man team will have to push a regular size school bus for 40 yards. This event will be timed and located in the schools parking lot. (Sneakers may be worn for this event as it will be held on a macadam surface.)
4. Team Tire Flip: Members will have to individually flip a monster tuck tire 5 times. Times will then be added up and the team who completes this task in the shortest amount of time will win.
5. Load and Go Relay: A tough relay race in which each individual will load up a wheelbarrow full of 25lb sandbags take it down a hill, around a cone, back up the hill and unload it for the next guy in line!

Scoring System — (Similar to a track meet)
1st place————— 10 points
2nd place—————- 8 points
3rd place—————– 6 points
PIAA rules prohibit the use of official team jerseys out of season. Schools may enter more than one team, however they MUST have an individual coach with them. All athletes will receive a free Battle of the Hogs t-shirt. It is recommended that all participants bring cleats and shoes. Gloves may be worn for the events.

Each Team will be composed of four linemen. Each high School may only register up to four teams. Each team must have a coach representing them. Only sophomores, juniors, and the seniors of the 2015 season are eligible for this event. (IF YOU ARE GOING TO GRADUATE in 2015, OR ARE A SENIOR THIS YEAR, YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE! Team members must be centers, guards, and tackles. (Any combination of those positions)

The total score of all events wins the team title. ( In case of tie, one member from each of those teams will designate a player to compete in an individual event picked by the event staff. They will compete head-to-head to determine the winner. The only exception to this will be the lift off in the bench press competition.

If any event ends in a tie, points will be combined and split evenly.
Trophies will be awarded to the top three teams.

Competitors should wear workout gear appropriate for the weather. The wearing of the Jerseys is against PIAA rules. Each competitor will receive a free t-shirt. Football cleats and sneakers should be worn if available.

Location of Lineman Challenge
The Lineman Challenge will take place at the Lansdale Catholic High School campus and its football practice facilities. 700 Lansdale Avenue – Lansdale, PA 19446-2995 – Montgomery County



North Penn

Glen Mills




North Penn

Downingtown East #1

LaSalle #1

Whitehall #1

Glen Mills #1


Glen Mills #1


LaSalle #1


Whitehall High School #1


Whitehall High School


Whitehall High School





Bench Press
TEAM – Glen Mills and Souderton: 94 Reps
INDIVIDUAL – Maurice Gooden (Glen Mills): 39 Reps

Tire Flip
TEAM – North Penn and Whitehall: 48:80

Bush Push
TEAM – Whitehall High School: 14:59

Dumbell Relay
TEAM – LaSalle: 20:72 New record for 2012!

Wheel Barrow
TEAM – Whitehall: 1:46:19




Any questions, concerns or inquires call:

Bob Kreamer

(215) 855 – 7791
(215) 855 – 6181