Health and Life Skills

The ability to make healthy choices and lifestyle decisions are critical to ensuring our youth membership achieves their long-term goals.



Enabling girls 8-17 to adopt healthy lifestyles and attitudes to prepare for a successful young adulthood and develop to their full potential.

Triple Play (Mind)

Also known as Healthy Habits, will educate youth on eating properly. Members will discuss topics such as nutrition, appropriate portion sizes, and create fun and healthy meals.

Triple Play (Soul)

Helps members build confidence and strengthen their character through games-room competitions and events.

Money Matters

Participants will learn how to manage a checking account, create a budget, save and invest, start a small business, and pay for college.

Foodie Fix

A basic cooking class where members will gain hands-on knowledge of food safety, and make healthy snacks each week.

Passport to Manhood

An interactive class for young men that will cover topics such as respect, smart decisions, civic responsibility, and more. Participants will be educated on numerous subjects such as outdoor adventure, maintenance, hygiene, dating, and community service. For ages 11-14.

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