Meet Our New Club Member!

Spring is the season of growth and new life. Now that it is (finally) upon us, Wissahickon Valley is excited to introduce our newest Club Member… Bubba Bunny!

Bubba is the result of two animal obsessed Directors concocting a lesson plan to intrigue our animal loving Club members. Since spring is the season for new life, we thought it would be the perfect time of year to introduce a Club for our fellow animal lovers! It is through All About Animals Club that the idea of “Bubba” has been able to come to life.

Over Spring Break, the Wissahickon Valley Directors searched high and low for the most perfect bunny to join our Club family. He had to be outgoing, friendly and looking to be loved. Three days before the start of the All About Animals Club the Directors felt defeated. They had searched shelter after shelter but found no such bunny. Finally, they made one last attempt to find the perfect bunny. Via Craigslist they found Thor. Thor’s family was moving to Florida and could not take him along; the best part, he loves to be loved!

Sold. Thor made his way from New Jersey to our quaint West Ambler trailers. He made his debut in All About Animals Club where he was dubbed, “Bubba Bunny.”

Now, Bubba enjoys his days roaming the Club offices, playing with baby Connor and munching on cilantro from our Club Members – all while learning to use his litter box!

Bubba has been a part of our WV family for almost a month now and he fits right in. He has taught our students compassion, responsibility, empathy and communication. We only expect these traits to grow in our students as Bubba spends more and more quality time with us. Our goal is to make Bubba feel safe while he teaches our children a variety of life skills.

We are sure Bubba is loving every second of his Furever home! We sure are!